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Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Neighbor coming in 2010!

Check out what's coming in 2010, across from Cottage Panache Antiques, Gifts & Decor! Cupcakes On the Run! Yippee! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! to Glenview Dr.! Angela, the owner also has Village Tutors that recently opened on my side of the Drive, just a few doors down. They have a staff of tutors for anyone in need.

Dreaming of a White Christmas!

I opened the shop on Christmas Eve  and to my surprise, itty, bitty flakes
of snow began to fall!
At first the flakes were small, almost like rain, but as it continued they grew & grew & GREW!! The wind, it was a blowning so hard that it sent the flakes into a 90% angle before they would fall!  I pictured the drifts that would occur back home in Michigan, the size that I remember of my last winter there. Back when we had to catch the 4-wheeler club rides at the end of our row! My hubby, then beau, stepped over the 6' stockades of neighboring yards and knocked on the back door instead of the front! That was our last Winter in Michigan. We decided to sail off to a warmer climate. Where we could no longer be snowed in! Oh well, what wonderful memories it did bring back. I guess I'll allow just this one time ~ a White Christmas it was for all in the Metroplex to enjoy!

I couldn't resist taking a pic of the backside of the lot that Cottage Panache sits upon.
All the trees and shrubs were all A-glitter with the fall of fresh snow!

Then when I was leaving, around about 2ish, I pulled away and noticed the beautiful powder white carpet of snow
that glistened out front also.  So I hung a quick U-e
and snapped some more pics ~ after all we don't know when again ~ it
could happen like this!
That night we called Mom Rouch back home. She explained how they were actually experiencing a Green Christmas ~ with which not a drop of snow did they have! It seems we've had a little switcheroo this year ~ indeed!
Merry Christmas from Texas & 

Cottage Panache!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Cloche Party at Marty's ~ A Stroll Thru Life

I hope I didn't miss the cloche party ~ I was running a little late! Here are a few of my holiday cloche vignettes at Cottage Panache. Thank you, Marty for the cloche party invite!

String of vintage Santa lights under glass!

Thanks for visiting!

Friday, November 20, 2009

R&R ~ Break me off a piece of that!!!

I am truly looking forward to Friday and hoping for  some Rest & Relaxation, however I fear that with only one day closed at the cottage will spin by quickly and leave me feeling like it was just another day at the grind! Don't take me wrong, I love what I do, but to afford hired help ~ yah ~ break me off a piece of that!!!             
Angela, our latest newby reminded me of that commercial the other day ~ you know the one! Calgon  - Take Me Away~  Oh, to be able to just pass the time soaking in a tub! But right now I would give the tub up for some time to just sit and soak up the calm of my latest room that I have completed. It was the living room when the original owners lived in this bungalow. I was going for a vignette of a dreamy room ~ depicting a Bed & Breakfast look.
It's my favorite and I would take it over that Calgon soak in the tub.
 A reading spot in a comfy sandy colored wing back chair, an antique four post bed, a fireplace and a romantic table for two. I picked up the little white desk in the above left picture on a trip to Oklahoma. Check out the Charles David Italian leather riding boots ~ in perfect shape! I love the cast iron horse head towel ring, lending a hand to the other Equestrian  items.


Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate your comments and I would love for you to follow my blog. I am aspiring to be able to do a new post at least 2-3 times a week. It is hard to keep up with it and I will try to respond to every comment or inquiry asap!
Thanks again,
Cottage Panache Antiques, Gifts & Decor

Monday, November 9, 2009

Grand Re-Opening Weekend

This next weekend we will celebrate our Grand Re-Opening for Cottage Panache Antiques, Gifts & Decor! We will Start on Saturday, November 14th at 10:00am - 6:00pm, with an outside flea market just to make it extra fun. Who doesn't love a flea market on a Saturday? I have a few spaces left for outside display for the day, so if you know anyone that would like to participate ~ send them my way. It's just $30.00 to set up for the day. Then on Sunday, we will begin at 12:00 noon and be here until 4:00. Weather permitting I will pull out whatever I have left (I hear it's suppose to rain Sunday afternoon!!! I'm going to pray that it doesn't ~ but at least if it does we will still be here inside with more treasures than I am able to mention!  I would also like to tell you about two new friends and associates of Cottage Panache. These are a few pics of Lindsey's Cottage by Gracie!

Gracie has done a fantastic job setting up her cottage inside Cottage Panache. She will cater to those looking for a little something special for that new little one in your life ~ girl or boy! She has brought in a wonderful mix of vintage treasures that could be added to a nursery for a nice eclectic look. When I had my daughter fourteen years ago ~ that's how I did her room. It gives the baby's room a look of vintage and whimsy at the same time. All of her items will lend a hand in decking out any room in your abode.
Still to come: Angela of Filigree Moon ~ She is an altered artist using paper, ephemera, etc. to create her unique works of art as well as some fabulous jewelry designs! I will post some pics tomorrow after she brings them in. I know that I can hardly wait!
Thanks for stopping by and I treasure each and every comment that you offer!
7277 Glenview Dr.
Richland Hills, Tx  76180

Friday, October 23, 2009

Furture projects/future vignettes ~ Just Let It Go and Get Over It!!!

Unseen Treasures abound and no time like the present to sell - sell - sell! I'll be dragging out inventory that is contained in two rooms ~ some of which you might see in these pictures. If not they will be in the store and still be on sale! Gotta get some green or give it up all together ~ and if you know me I will not give up without a fight! These are some pics of the goodies available + + +!!! Saturday 10/24 10am - 5pm and Sunday 10/25 12noon - 4pm. Unless I fall prey to an unforseen illness, accident or whatever ~ I will be here with bells on. Oh!! where did it put those dern bells!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Happy Birthday HD"

What would you like as your Birthday Dinner Honey? Okay, you think about it and I'll check back with you in a bit. What do you want to do on your Birthday Dear? This is not what I would wish for on my birthday ~ My hubby dearest, Mark disappeared from inside the house and to my surprise here is where I found him today ~ on his Birthday ~ washing my car!!! Perhaps this is his therapy, coping with turning another year older. Or maybe he just can't stop working. He was laid off week before last and has hit the pavement and the airways in search of the new dream job ~ hope it exists! If not ~ will settle for less. He is an Architect and has been with the M Associates for 12 years +. Was let go due to a lack of projects and because he was probably the highest paid at the firm. His cutback would be a quick replenishment of funds, I guess! So, as I'm sure you can guess that with the lack of funds ~ there will be no bearing of gifts this year! This past week we found out the what the cap amount of unemployment will bear and it is under $375.00 per week. Let's see there are 5 in our household, so that will afford eating and some utilities, I hope! Maybe one vehicle between 3 drivers. Can we keep the phone? I think cable is probably out of the question. What does a family do when they have to go from a three figure income per year to a cap of $10,000.00 per year. Can anyone really live on that in the city limits where you can't farm and grow your own food. My son lives in an apartment with 2 friends and probably makes about that much and still struggles to pay rent, utilities, cell phone, car payment and insurance! He barely has enough left over to feed himself. He does his laundry at our house. Hope we can keep the house, electric and water so he can continue his weekly visit! We're all up a creek if the washer goes out. No literally, you will find me at the creek~doing the laundry!!! Do I sound cynical? I'm sorry! I know we are not alone as there are many enduring the same fate. Look to God and keep up your spirits ~ The Lord knows I am trying and have been talking to him more and more everyday! It could be worse, after all we still have our lives, our eyes, our hands, our legs to walk. Our hearts are full of hope and in fairly good health (with medication), God willing!
Happy Birthday Honey!
Hamburgers it is! Would you like fries with that?

Marriage ~ A Happy Medium

This marriage of two pieces makes for a Happy Medium.
I purchased the two pieces at two different times.
You know how they say "opposites attract!"
And how, 'without darkness there can be no light.'
I like mixing a dark piece in it's original state with a cream creamy white painted piece, creating a nice contrast.
I love how these pieces look together, they are as attractive as you make it after adding
your treasures to display in and on it!
I painted the top piece except for the drawers. First had it hung on the wall and was trying to decide if I should paint the drawers as well!
Then I added it to the top of this buffet that I had removed the doors from, allowing for additional display surface! Now I am glad that I didn't paint the drawers as I think they bring it all together ~ complimenting one another!
Marriage is good when the pair is compatible, each one unique in itself, each one a compliment to the other both in life and when decorating!
Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mimi's Girlie Girl

I just realized I had never shared a picture of my Grand Daughter Carli!
I don't know how that happened. I guess my days just kept running away from me!

Hard Times

If everyone could pass their prayers along to Ann by visiting her blog and to let her know that your thoughts are with her! . I know that so many people are struggling with one thing or another. Most of our problems are monetary with so many being plagued with the loss of jobs, cars, homes, etc. Those are just possessions and I know are hard to live without, but can eventually be replaced! You never what you can live without until it's gone. Thank you ahead of time to all of the blogging angels among us. Maureen

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lucy & Ethel would be jealous

OMG! was this my 50th post?! Sure took me long enough! How time flies when you are refurbishing a 1951 cottage. I still have more to do ~ but wouldn't it be boring to be all done?
Although I can hardly wait to finish the last two rooms, one of which will be available for lease to another Cottage Panache Associate when she or he comes along! Did I mention the hardwood floors!!!?
Somewhere in the shop is the hat that goes with this 1940 -50's rain cape!
Aren't the Polka Dots wonderful!
I've been framed!
Just a few of my favorite things at Cottage Panache

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Check out this pink blouse ~ it has a wired organza collar and cuffed sleeves! Thanks for visiting on this fine Saturday!

Signs*Signs*everywhere*Signs!!! How'd they do that!

So...if anyone is having trouble finding me at my new location~I apologize!! This is my sign to be! Still awaiting approval by the city! Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a chicken and just go for it! Slap that sign up and be done with it and face the consequences later. But just call me chick-a-dee ~ boc boc boc! So I will wait and if you see this sign on Glenview Drive ~ just know ~ yes, It's Cottage Panache`s sign. Come and see me sometime!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Before and After Pics

DoEs tHIs MAkE yOU diZZy!? I hope's my new floor! When I told my dear friend Michelle Jones that I was going to attempt to do a Harlequin pattern on the floor...she you need any help? If you know Michelle from The Red Shed aka Me & Mr. Jones, she has done numerous tables with this pattern and what better expertise could I possibly get! I had already picked my colors and had already put down the fairer of the two tones and was waiting for the gumption to hit me and get going. God sent me an angel as Michelle arrived with pattern, extra long yardsticks, etc. in hand. We had to enlarge it quite a bit as this is a much larger surface. Michelle traced on the first diamond with the new pattern that we quickly cut out. I say quickly because Michelle is a very busy gal and with's let's get--r-done! I wish I had half of the energy and stamina that she has! After Michelle left I continued and finished drawing the rest of the pattern on. The next day Michelle offered to come back to help lay down the contrasting toned diamonds. She finished her area and was off again...busy...busy...busy lady! By the time I finished I could not bear to get on my knees and still can't without screaming in pain!!! Okay I went a little overboard there...but it hurts like #*!K fire because this floor is not's bumpy! OW it hurts just thinking about it. I am so pleased with how it turned out and I can't wait for Michelle to come back and see the end result! Thank you so much Michelle for you help.
Kitchen ~ Before.....good thing I had a vision or else I would not be here today. EWW!
The floor consisted of the chipboard/pressed board plywood and it had been walked on for...I don't know how long!
After!!! Another after>

Sunday, September 27, 2009

BAM! To the Deer Lease Jeeves!

A few pics of treasures placed in the space where the fridge use to sit.
vintage ironworks old weather vane on primitive wooden ladder scrolly rusted metal hanging light fixture with chain
This is the space where the florist refrigerator use to sit. Now treasures sit there in it's place.
Well...finally the day has come that I can say, COME ON IN! First I thought it would all be complete before I opened, but after all this old house, built in 1951 has 3 bedrooms (and not little ones), 2 baths, 1 living, 1 den/office, 1 large kitchen, laundry and a converted garage!!!
This is a pic of the florist refrigerator ~ what a monstrosity!
This house was once lived in and they ran a florists shop in the converted garage. In the converted garage was a large walk in florist refrigerator. Didn't need it so...weeks went by while the owner of the building prepared to have a tag sale which mostly consisted of clothing. She tried to offer up the refrigerator to florist shops, refrigeration companies and then to customers that visited her tag sale. But to no avail, it still sat in this spot. I suggested I list on craigslist and so I did. I listed under appliances and under sporting goods! Why sporting goods you may ask ~ well imagine it reconstructed on a Deer Lease (we all know people that own a Deer Lease ~ Right?!) BAM! 15 minutes after listing it, the owner got a call. They came and got it the next day! How awesome is that?! This is a picture of the 6ft x8ft x 8ft refrigerator. The new owners were two men who did actually take it to their deer lease to use as a refrigerator for the fresh meat! Speaking of fresh meat ~ I am looking for a couple of new dealers at Cottage Panache! I'll tell you more later and show some pics of the spaces available!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whistle While You Work!!!!

This is my daughter, Emily whom just started her freshman year at Birdville High! She has been a great help to me. This is a picture of the new location before we moved in. The owner decided that it would be a good location to have a rummage sale before handing it over! Yeah that's Emily in front. My high schooler~OMG~I can't believe she's in high school.
I've been dying to do a post but have had a battery issue going on with my dell notebook~~~It went dead and $150.o0 later I was playing the waiting game for it to come. Geez, I can't believe it was so much for a battery! That would have bought alot of paint for the remodel. This heat is so draining when you are scrubbing, scraping and painting! Soon it will all be worth it~just have to keep on whistling while I work and before ya know it I'll be done. I could really use 3 more of me, and younger. I celebrated my 52nd birthday by moving the contents of Cottage Panache, then celebrated my 31st Anniversary pulling up carpet that was glued to hardwood floors. It is beyond me to why someone would see fit to glue cheap carpet to a hardwood floor! I'm hoping to remove the adhesive to expose a pretty wood floor.
The pictures above of course are the before shots and will look totally different when I'm done with it! Will try to keep everyone informed on what's goin on. I was hoping for an early September Grand Re-Opening but it may be more like the middle of the month. We'll see how it goes. I need a miracle right about now to be ready. Time is money you know. And the more time that goes by, the more money I'm a loosin! Will post again as soon as I can.
Have paint brush will travel and don't forget to ~Whistle While You Work!!!
So, anyhoo here are a couple of sneek peek pics of the new location in progress. Nothing too extraordinary to report just yet but progress still the same.