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Click here to visit the online shoppe!
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

This was my entrance before the expansion to the front.

One Year Old...Birthday Celebration!.

This will be my first post - On Saturday, February 7th I will celebrate the First Anniversary of Cottage Panache Antiques, Gifts & Collectibles. I can't believe it's been a whole year! So I think another great way to celebrate it's birthday is to finally start a post! If you are familiar with Cottage Panache or have shopped with us give a shout out with a new comment. When I first opened the doors and started in the back building (best kept secret on Glenview Dr.!) After getting to know my neighbor from the front building but now next door...Shirley Hardisty of Specialty Applique & Stitches, offered up part of her building in front of Cottage Panache for sublet to me! Many thanks to Shirley for it has been the best advertising I could have ever doubt about it. So I did a little remodel of removing very dusty air conditioner units that protruded obnoxiously from two areas of the wall, patching, spackling, and faux painting. After extending my phone and internet line I was in with a flash. Hubby, Mark and the kids all lent a hand. July was my best month ever and has grown as I hoped it would. Even with the slowing of sales due to the economy I am still here. I have a couple of great dealers, Debbie and Victoria and Claudia and a great new artistic friend Grace.