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Friday, November 20, 2009

R&R ~ Break me off a piece of that!!!

I am truly looking forward to Friday and hoping for  some Rest & Relaxation, however I fear that with only one day closed at the cottage will spin by quickly and leave me feeling like it was just another day at the grind! Don't take me wrong, I love what I do, but to afford hired help ~ yah ~ break me off a piece of that!!!             
Angela, our latest newby reminded me of that commercial the other day ~ you know the one! Calgon  - Take Me Away~  Oh, to be able to just pass the time soaking in a tub! But right now I would give the tub up for some time to just sit and soak up the calm of my latest room that I have completed. It was the living room when the original owners lived in this bungalow. I was going for a vignette of a dreamy room ~ depicting a Bed & Breakfast look.
It's my favorite and I would take it over that Calgon soak in the tub.
 A reading spot in a comfy sandy colored wing back chair, an antique four post bed, a fireplace and a romantic table for two. I picked up the little white desk in the above left picture on a trip to Oklahoma. Check out the Charles David Italian leather riding boots ~ in perfect shape! I love the cast iron horse head towel ring, lending a hand to the other Equestrian  items.


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