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Click here to visit the online shoppe!
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Industrial Chic meets Cottage Panache

One fine Saturday (minus the allergies) to all! 
How to deal with the humidity here in Texas!
#1 - come to Cottage Panache
#2 - Have a nice cold drink and chat by the Water cooler
#3 - Help me Welcome my Newbie - Alisa Estwick
#4 - Check out Alisa's new Vignette and fall in love with Industrial in Alisa's space
#5 - Enjoy another nice cold drink and chat by the Water cooler
#6 - See Linda Kinnaird's latest arrivals
#7 Check out the rest of the store 
#8 - Take part in this weeks in store special and enjoy a cool savings
#9 - Refill your cold drink at the water cooler as I ring up your cool savings
#10 - Drive safely home and enjoy your treasures from Cottage Panache
Alisa's Old Milk Scale is so cool and what a wonderful tone of color!
Alisa has some pretty cool stuff in her space. I love this industrial chic antique table and how about that old drafting stool - it swivels!!!
Fabulous old photography parts and pieces! 

Here's Alisa's antique Royal typewriter - with just the right look! This would be a cool piece to add to Dad's Study!

Like me, Alisa is attracted to those unusual finds, of architecture, nature and even that discarded industrial treasure for that unique look!
vintage containers
 Nature - tortoise shell, feathers and antlers - now Alisa just needs some nests! You should see some of them she has found in the past!!! TDF!
This just in.....literally
Alisa was just here and switched out her yellow dresser to paint it for a customer (cream)
and has brought in a nice teal short Armoire!
This armories has two doors and when you open it there are shelves on the right side from top to bottom inside and on the left a full wide open space. I think this would be a great piece to put a television on and has space inside for you DVDs, tapes, etc. and on the other side some blankets, pillows or whatever! Very cool piece. Alisa has so many more items for you to check out so
please come by Cottage Panache and check out Alisa's new~old digs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, keep calm & carry on,
stay cool and be sure to drink plenty of cool water!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sales Week 6/6 - 6/11 All China and Glass!

This week all glass and china is on sale - Take 20% off ! 
And here a few pictures of some of the glass and
china inventory I have in stock!

All glass cloches, goofus glass dish, china bowls and ironstone!
Antique, aged china, ironstone and porcelain....are included.

 Sweet Victorian figural and statuesque little items and sturdy old ironstone!
Cake Plates, dinner plates, saucers and bowls!

Apothecaries standing tall!
Perfectly Imperfect Antique Rosy Platters!
(say that five times and click your heals together)
What?! nothing happened?
That means you need to get over here as fast as you can!

Wouldn't want you to miss out on this special on.....Oh here comes more!
Plates, platters and covered dishes! Oh I hope you aren't bored because.... I've got more!
I do so love the creamy white antique ironstone platter... that goes so well with Beatrice the cast iron hen!
Oh this is a beauty, this regal covered dish and another antique white ironstone all
perfectly, imperfect, just the way I like it!
Teacups and saucers, and even demi's!

Good gosh, gee golly and goodness gracious Miss Agnes, (as Grannie would say)!
Will this post ever end? Yes....but I a have a few more that I would like to share!
Teapots, salt & pepper, cream and sugars to!
Ironstone creamers, Lovely Hydrangea Antique plate and
there's that sweet cast iron Beatrice the Hen again.
Oh, do pray tell that this is the end....for it is time for me to go my friends!
Please come and see me if you can and if you are to far to travel and see a fine treasure that you feel you must have...just send me an email and I can arrange to send it your way!

Parting is such sweet sorrow!
(see ya later alligator)