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Click here to visit the online shoppe!
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Lucy & Ethel would be jealous

OMG! was this my 50th post?! Sure took me long enough! How time flies when you are refurbishing a 1951 cottage. I still have more to do ~ but wouldn't it be boring to be all done?
Although I can hardly wait to finish the last two rooms, one of which will be available for lease to another Cottage Panache Associate when she or he comes along! Did I mention the hardwood floors!!!?
Somewhere in the shop is the hat that goes with this 1940 -50's rain cape!
Aren't the Polka Dots wonderful!
I've been framed!
Just a few of my favorite things at Cottage Panache

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Check out this pink blouse ~ it has a wired organza collar and cuffed sleeves! Thanks for visiting on this fine Saturday!

Signs*Signs*everywhere*Signs!!! How'd they do that!

So...if anyone is having trouble finding me at my new location~I apologize!! This is my sign to be! Still awaiting approval by the city! Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a chicken and just go for it! Slap that sign up and be done with it and face the consequences later. But just call me chick-a-dee ~ boc boc boc! So I will wait and if you see this sign on Glenview Drive ~ just know ~ yes, It's Cottage Panache`s sign. Come and see me sometime!!!