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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some things Dad might find interesting

These vintage ice bags could be useful after Dad has celebrated a little too much. Found recently at an Estate sale in the area.
This is so true isn't it?! If only they would just listen to the BOSS all things would get done quicker!
How about this vintage cigarette lighter and cigarette box in the shape of a castle. Just what every man desires. His very own castle!!!
Add this one to Dad's oil can collection!
Perfect coaster set for the game room! comes with game pieces
and dice.
Nice old bank!
Check out this old metal medicine cabinet. It has 3 shelves inside.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"No Rest for the Weary"

These are some of the latest pics I have taken at Cottage Panache. I need to take some of my very recent finds. I'll get right on it!!! After the laundry, cleaning, shopping and cooking! I'm sure that I'm forgetting something...oh yeah I need to figure out what bills I CANNOT pay! JK! Trying so hard to keep it together!
I love these pale robin's egg blue china set that I found at a nearby Estate sale!
This awesome table has yet another leaf to it! It's huge!
This is another area in the back cottage!
I can never resist the cute vintage child's shoes. I wish I had time to put the vintage flower arranging book to use! Maybe in my FREE TIME!!!
Ah! To be able to garden again! Here's what everyone needs to start. This is a willow garden trudge that comes with a set of garden tools. My Dad always had a garden in Michigan where I grew up and I loved helping with it. The best way to eat a tomatoe is straight from the garden with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. If you have never tried fried green're really missing out!