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Sunday, September 27, 2009

BAM! To the Deer Lease Jeeves!

A few pics of treasures placed in the space where the fridge use to sit.
vintage ironworks old weather vane on primitive wooden ladder scrolly rusted metal hanging light fixture with chain
This is the space where the florist refrigerator use to sit. Now treasures sit there in it's place.
Well...finally the day has come that I can say, COME ON IN! First I thought it would all be complete before I opened, but after all this old house, built in 1951 has 3 bedrooms (and not little ones), 2 baths, 1 living, 1 den/office, 1 large kitchen, laundry and a converted garage!!!
This is a pic of the florist refrigerator ~ what a monstrosity!
This house was once lived in and they ran a florists shop in the converted garage. In the converted garage was a large walk in florist refrigerator. Didn't need it so...weeks went by while the owner of the building prepared to have a tag sale which mostly consisted of clothing. She tried to offer up the refrigerator to florist shops, refrigeration companies and then to customers that visited her tag sale. But to no avail, it still sat in this spot. I suggested I list on craigslist and so I did. I listed under appliances and under sporting goods! Why sporting goods you may ask ~ well imagine it reconstructed on a Deer Lease (we all know people that own a Deer Lease ~ Right?!) BAM! 15 minutes after listing it, the owner got a call. They came and got it the next day! How awesome is that?! This is a picture of the 6ft x8ft x 8ft refrigerator. The new owners were two men who did actually take it to their deer lease to use as a refrigerator for the fresh meat! Speaking of fresh meat ~ I am looking for a couple of new dealers at Cottage Panache! I'll tell you more later and show some pics of the spaces available!


  1. Looks fabulous!!! I knew it would. Wanted to make it to the open house this last weekend, but ended up with a sick child all weekend with a high fever and cough...Hope to get there this week...Love Tiina...

  2. Hi, Maureen! I enjoyed visiting your new place yesterday. It's really coming along beautifully. Your magic touch is evident, and the whole place will be just magical when you finish. Oh wait, a creative stylist is ALWAYS styling and vignetting. You've got such talent and I wish you much success in your new venture. Y'all go check out the new Cottage Panache! It's amazing to see the befores and afters. ~ Angela

  3. Yes, I am in full I said... OPEN~OPEN~OPEN. So if anyone is waiting until it's all finished~just like Angela said a creative stylist is ALWAYS styling and vignetting. Our work is never done ~ forever evolving! Don't miss those first seen items that haven't seen the light of day at Cottage Panache! I appreciate every comment given and hugs to ya, Maureen

  4. Maureen,
    The pics look great, can't wait to get in there and spend some cash!! Lisa


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