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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Means to an end and the end of a good week!

This is a vintage newspaper stand from the 1930s.
So, now that the school year has come to an end, trying to keep the kids occupied at home while I am away running the shop. In the back of my mind I am adding up all of the extra costs that will occur while the kids are home everyday...all day! They are hanging out with their 25...soon to be 26 year old eldest child. When not hanging out at home, they are making use of their season pass at the local water park - NRH20!!! I thought that they might take a break from the water fun for one day while the shop is closed and hang with Mom (not cool enough or fun enough...I guess!) Oh well there's the rest of the weekend! It was kind of nice having the day to myself, got lots of errands done.
Next Saturday, the 13th will be my next sale at Cottage Panache. Cindy of Mama Mia Photography will be here taking photographs for Father's Day gifts! She will be available from 10:00am to about 1:00pm. She had a shoot at another location afterwards. Her package price is $25.00 for 1-8x10, 2-5x7s and 4 wallets! You can't beat that price!!! The portraits will be printed and available for pick-up here the following week, just in time for that special Father's Day gift.
Posting some more pic of finds for Dad!
I have had a very busy week and trying to tie up loose ends to prepare for the sale and bring in lots of new finds. Many that I have been covetting! I know...not suppose to do that but that's just how it works for me! Sometimes I wish there were two of me so I could be more productive!! Remember the movie Multiplicity!? Didn't realize how late it was...must retire for the night so I can get up and be productive in the am, otherwise I won't be worth a mailto:D%5E@*n!