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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Emily's Amazing Grace

This is a picture of my daughter Emily, the day after we received record snowfall for our area. Why am I now showing this so late after the fact, you may be asking! Well  it just happens to be the most recent picture of her smiling and happy. But one week ago today (Tuesday, March 9th) after school she went to the park to take some shots for her Photo-journalism class. (She is way behind because for the past weeks she has been battling Mono!) Monday and Tuesay she was feeling like herself again and was able to complete two full days of school!
So anyhoo, on Tuesday at the park she had a slip and a fall while balancing on the monkey bars while taking a photo! Moms don't let your little girls play on them as you don't realize just how dangerous they are. In fact don't let your little boys on them as well! I promise that I will never laugh at another FHVideo or the like on the telly as I know all too well what damage can be done. You know what I'm talking about - it's how they fall that seems funny at times and it is usually a guy that falls and straddles that bar - right? I had just called to tell her that I was on my way to pick her and her friend Savannah up at the park. Of course she pleaded to stay a little longer, but I was already on my way. After a long drawn out OOOKAAAY  - I heard her begin to scream - help me Mommy - oh it hurts -and then -I'm Bleeding!!! I was only a minute from the park but it seemed like it took me forever to get there and I had no idea what was happening to her. So I finally got there and noticed as I was shuffling her into the car that the backside of her jeans was already saturated with blood - she was worried about getting blood on the seat - but I didn't care! I don't want to go into too much detail but I took her to Cooks Urgent Care/Emergent Childrens Care. The attendant behind the counter saw how white Emily looked and saw the desperate look that I'm sure I was wearing, bringing immediate attention to our emergency and came right out of her area to take Emily back to be trioged. The waiting room was full and so was the parking lot. I was so thankful that she had the ability to scan the line and to take notice of our true emergency! Emily was in so much pain and had lost alot of blood. On top of that - the x-ray revealed that she had also fractured her tailbone as well.  Now if she thought that it was hard to sit through a whole class at school because of Mono ~ how on earth will she fair sitting in those hard chairs! The donut that they sell nowadays is a blow-up one to take the pressure off while sitting, which is in now way helpful like the foam ones that they sold when I was 26 and had broken my tailbone! If anyone knows where I can get a nice foam one - please let me know! I don't know who the smarty was that came up with the blow -up ones but sorry - they are worthless!!! I'd like to have my money back! Well, Emily is healing and it was by the Amaxing Grace of God that it wasn't worse and Thank God that she has this week off for Spring Break! Thanks for listening to my lastest woes ~ I promise the next post will be more upbeat.
P.S. Please keep those girls and boys off those spindly monkey bars!!! They should be outlawed!