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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scripts, Pics & Lucious Scraps, Stitched, Glued & Artfully Placed...

Thursday night Lisa McIlvain debuted with her Elements of Collage Workshop here at Cottage Panache! I wasn't able to get a close up of her sweet little  boxes that she decorated for each of her students but here is a couple of pics of the table pre-arrival of the girls!

Pictures went on hold as one by one our guests arrived, the first at 6:00 and the rest followed immediately  (I know they were anxious as all get out!!!)
In the little decorated boxes from Lisa were some of the elements that she gathered and the tiny shoes that Dawn of constructed. So precious ~ some of pale pink satin and others from soft textured fabric resembling burlap! Lisa mentioned that Dawn is going to be offering an online tutorial for the tiny shoes!  Her tutorial are only $5.00 ~ what a deal!

The studio has a mere six seats at the table and all in attendancde were listening eagerly for Lisa's delivery of her Ellements of Collage.

Time flew by so quickly as everyone chose their elements from the vast array that Lisa provided them. Gorgeous lace, scripts and pics from vintage books, bits and baubles and other vintage treasures.  All were intent on placing their elements perfectly in place.

Then glued and stitched into place!

Jan's finished collage had a bird theme.

Erica's collage theme was centered around the sweet cabinet photo of a blonde curly locked little girl!

I wish I had gotten a better picture of Lori's ~ check out her own post featuring her collage on

Susan chose a pink theme and it was just beautiful also!
I can hardly wait for Lisa's next workshop~her soldering bottles.
They are over the top and were featured in the article that she wrote for Somerset Studio

I talked to Lisa today and she and I thought a Sunday  time for aClass for her bottles.
I will be posting the details on the workshop blog very soon.
I will post some pictures of the studio/classroom tomorrow and days to come while I add a few more finishing touches!
Thanks for stopping by
and have a great blessed weekend!