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Monday, September 28, 2009

Before and After Pics

DoEs tHIs MAkE yOU diZZy!? I hope's my new floor! When I told my dear friend Michelle Jones that I was going to attempt to do a Harlequin pattern on the floor...she you need any help? If you know Michelle from The Red Shed aka Me & Mr. Jones, she has done numerous tables with this pattern and what better expertise could I possibly get! I had already picked my colors and had already put down the fairer of the two tones and was waiting for the gumption to hit me and get going. God sent me an angel as Michelle arrived with pattern, extra long yardsticks, etc. in hand. We had to enlarge it quite a bit as this is a much larger surface. Michelle traced on the first diamond with the new pattern that we quickly cut out. I say quickly because Michelle is a very busy gal and with's let's get--r-done! I wish I had half of the energy and stamina that she has! After Michelle left I continued and finished drawing the rest of the pattern on. The next day Michelle offered to come back to help lay down the contrasting toned diamonds. She finished her area and was off again...busy...busy...busy lady! By the time I finished I could not bear to get on my knees and still can't without screaming in pain!!! Okay I went a little overboard there...but it hurts like #*!K fire because this floor is not's bumpy! OW it hurts just thinking about it. I am so pleased with how it turned out and I can't wait for Michelle to come back and see the end result! Thank you so much Michelle for you help.
Kitchen ~ Before.....good thing I had a vision or else I would not be here today. EWW!
The floor consisted of the chipboard/pressed board plywood and it had been walked on for...I don't know how long!
After!!! Another after>


  1. Looks so good....great job, Maureen. I can't wait to come see it all complete.

  2. mommy it looks great comment my pictures on my blog but anyways yes the floor makes me really dizzy lol you got that from me anywys love you bye

  3. thanks maureen- the floor looks great. congrats on the move and opening. with your vision this old house is turning into a very special place to shop. michele jones


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