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Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Venue - Where Do I Begin!

Lord have Mercy! Where do I begin! Where do you begin...when it's been forever since your last post!??? Let's see now...I am in my fifth year of Cottage Panache on Glenview Dr. in Richland Hills, Texas,  and my husband is in his third year of Business with his Architecture firm - Rouch Architects, LLC. My daughter, Emily has just begun her Senior year in High School and my youngest son  Ian entered the eighth grade! It became necessary for both of our adult children to move back in making my already 
meager sized home seem even smaller! 
Needless to say our family is going through some major milestones/changes of late,   quite frankly my enthusiasm with shopkeeping is waning....I want to go home...continue what I had started before January, 2008...housekeeping homekeeping, (yeah, I know - that's not a real word but it says better how I really feel!) home remodeling and decorating projects, design projects, and all of the things that I thought I could do while shopkeeping!
Don't get me wrong...I have enjoyed being a shopkeeper so much this time around and I will do it again...just within a New Venue! I have met so many wonderful people and made many new friends. Heck, I may get to blog more often! When you run a shop by yourself there isn't much time for blogging...really!?  I've always had the desire to publish something! ??? Who knows what...but change is good for ones soul. 
It keeps you on your toes and 
I believe that everything happens for a reason! God has been sending me signs for a little while now and I have been watching and's time!
It's gonna take some time to make the change cause I can't take this whole store full of inventory with me but I will take whatever I can and I'll have to store some of it! 
 I have been making some crazy deals with some buyers  and I will be reducing many prices but not drastically! (I haven't lost my mind totally....yet!) there will be some items that are firm and some of my items will not be reduced at all...after all I am not going out of business...just taking a new venue....a smaller, more quaint and comfortable venue. My creative mind is open and the wheels are turning! I will enjoy some traveling to shows, and will keep my existing website and an online store which I hope to have up and running right after my Fifth Annual Fall Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, October 6th. And if all goes well I hope that this will reduce my stock to a manageable level to move on to my new venue! rest for the weary, but at least I won't be doing this in triple digits temperatures!
I will be posting some items with reduced prices on here, on facebook and my website, but like I said, it's gonna take a little time...Baby Steps for now cause there is still....just one of me!

Thank You


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  2. Hey, you have been busy and had alot going on. How are you??? Have been out of touch myself. Working,working and helping care for my dad. Where is this Black and Orange thing at? Are you going to doensize your shop and go somewhere else? Let me know...Love Tiina

  3. Hey Tiina, I just added the address for 31 Wishes. Hope your Dad is doing are so lucky to have him!

  4. Hi Maureen! You go girl and follow what the Lord has in store for you.
    Happy for you,

  5. hi maureen! darlene here... sorry to hear about the change, but i agree... homekeeping is nicest! (i would love to do that, too...) :> i hope to stop by & see you soon! esp. for the sale, if i can... big hugs! darlene

  6. I wanted to come so bad to your sidewalk sale, but had to go out of town to see my grand sugars.
    I already miss you...hope we can stay in touch at least online. Here is my blog


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