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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marriage ~ A Happy Medium

This marriage of two pieces makes for a Happy Medium.
I purchased the two pieces at two different times.
You know how they say "opposites attract!"
And how, 'without darkness there can be no light.'
I like mixing a dark piece in it's original state with a cream creamy white painted piece, creating a nice contrast.
I love how these pieces look together, they are as attractive as you make it after adding
your treasures to display in and on it!
I painted the top piece except for the drawers. First had it hung on the wall and was trying to decide if I should paint the drawers as well!
Then I added it to the top of this buffet that I had removed the doors from, allowing for additional display surface! Now I am glad that I didn't paint the drawers as I think they bring it all together ~ complimenting one another!
Marriage is good when the pair is compatible, each one unique in itself, each one a compliment to the other both in life and when decorating!
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  1. Very poetic, Maureen! And so true. Such beautiful combinations you have created. Keep up the great work. Your shop is coming along so wonderfully! ~ Angela

  2. I so enjoy receiving any and all comments ~ it reinforces my belief that there is always someone listening! Been talkin the great one above alot more lately!
    My laptop has been dead and have felt lost without it. Dell has come through for me with my new adapter!! Yeah for Dell!

  3. Hi Maureen,
    Love the blog! Can't wait to see what's next! Kathie xoxo

  4. Aren't these Santos dolls addictive! I have had so much fun decorating them! Your shop is so inviting, I love it! Kathie <3


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