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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Happy Birthday HD"

What would you like as your Birthday Dinner Honey? Okay, you think about it and I'll check back with you in a bit. What do you want to do on your Birthday Dear? This is not what I would wish for on my birthday ~ My hubby dearest, Mark disappeared from inside the house and to my surprise here is where I found him today ~ on his Birthday ~ washing my car!!! Perhaps this is his therapy, coping with turning another year older. Or maybe he just can't stop working. He was laid off week before last and has hit the pavement and the airways in search of the new dream job ~ hope it exists! If not ~ will settle for less. He is an Architect and has been with the M Associates for 12 years +. Was let go due to a lack of projects and because he was probably the highest paid at the firm. His cutback would be a quick replenishment of funds, I guess! So, as I'm sure you can guess that with the lack of funds ~ there will be no bearing of gifts this year! This past week we found out the what the cap amount of unemployment will bear and it is under $375.00 per week. Let's see there are 5 in our household, so that will afford eating and some utilities, I hope! Maybe one vehicle between 3 drivers. Can we keep the phone? I think cable is probably out of the question. What does a family do when they have to go from a three figure income per year to a cap of $10,000.00 per year. Can anyone really live on that in the city limits where you can't farm and grow your own food. My son lives in an apartment with 2 friends and probably makes about that much and still struggles to pay rent, utilities, cell phone, car payment and insurance! He barely has enough left over to feed himself. He does his laundry at our house. Hope we can keep the house, electric and water so he can continue his weekly visit! We're all up a creek if the washer goes out. No literally, you will find me at the creek~doing the laundry!!! Do I sound cynical? I'm sorry! I know we are not alone as there are many enduring the same fate. Look to God and keep up your spirits ~ The Lord knows I am trying and have been talking to him more and more everyday! It could be worse, after all we still have our lives, our eyes, our hands, our legs to walk. Our hearts are full of hope and in fairly good health (with medication), God willing!
Happy Birthday Honey!
Hamburgers it is! Would you like fries with that?


  1. Keep your spirits up....I could not even imagine what your family is having to endure right now. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    Do you sell online.....Etsy or Ebay?

    Happy Birthday to your Dear Hubby :)

  2. Found your blog via Sweet Finds. You're in my hubnting grounds! I look forwrad to stopping in at your darling shop the next time I'm in the area. Nice to meet you!

  3. I'm sorry I forgot to comment on your hard circumstances...will keep your family in my prayers. And bless your hubby's heart...Happy Birthday to him!

  4. To Sherri and Cami,
    Thank you for the well wishes and I am trying to stay positive. I think that I am wearing my feelings on my sleeve and crying just doesn't help! So I am trying to keep a stiff upper lip! It's all in God's plan I know and when something gets taken away it all comes back bigger and better. I have set up an Etsy account but haven't listed anything yet. I'd better get on it though. Janna @ Collected Treasures does pretty well on Ebay. I'll have to see what I can do. Just got the replacement today for my failed ac adapter for my laptop. It's hard doing without it ~ Thank God it was still under warranty!

  5. Hello... thanks so much for stopping by and this is m first visit to your blog... I added you on my list as I enjoyed it very much.....You have a lovely shop.... Blessings to you and your family.


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