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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas!

I opened the shop on Christmas Eve  and to my surprise, itty, bitty flakes
of snow began to fall!
At first the flakes were small, almost like rain, but as it continued they grew & grew & GREW!! The wind, it was a blowning so hard that it sent the flakes into a 90% angle before they would fall!  I pictured the drifts that would occur back home in Michigan, the size that I remember of my last winter there. Back when we had to catch the 4-wheeler club rides at the end of our row! My hubby, then beau, stepped over the 6' stockades of neighboring yards and knocked on the back door instead of the front! That was our last Winter in Michigan. We decided to sail off to a warmer climate. Where we could no longer be snowed in! Oh well, what wonderful memories it did bring back. I guess I'll allow just this one time ~ a White Christmas it was for all in the Metroplex to enjoy!

I couldn't resist taking a pic of the backside of the lot that Cottage Panache sits upon.
All the trees and shrubs were all A-glitter with the fall of fresh snow!

Then when I was leaving, around about 2ish, I pulled away and noticed the beautiful powder white carpet of snow
that glistened out front also.  So I hung a quick U-e
and snapped some more pics ~ after all we don't know when again ~ it
could happen like this!
That night we called Mom Rouch back home. She explained how they were actually experiencing a Green Christmas ~ with which not a drop of snow did they have! It seems we've had a little switcheroo this year ~ indeed!
Merry Christmas from Texas & 

Cottage Panache!


  1. Beautiful pics, I believe that was my first white Christmas ever in was magical for me. I believe we got about three inches that actually stuck!! Christmas Eve was like a "Texas" blizzard, and Christmas Morning...beautiful white blanket of snow!! Loved it!! Have a wonderful day!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. What a pretty and fun post! Thanks for taking the photos and sharing...the Cottage has so much Panache, even in the snow! ~ Angela


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