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Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Neighbor coming in 2010!

Check out what's coming in 2010, across from Cottage Panache Antiques, Gifts & Decor! Cupcakes On the Run! Yippee! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! to Glenview Dr.! Angela, the owner also has Village Tutors that recently opened on my side of the Drive, just a few doors down. They have a staff of tutors for anyone in need.


  1. Happy New looks like it is already promising to be a good one at the Cottage.....the cupcake business is such good news....the more the merrier and it will bring you great traffic....i'm excited for you!! Thanks for the words of was truly a scarey time......i hope to get out more in 2010 so will try and visit more often....xojana

  2. Oh, you are surrounded by Angelas! You must have been a very good girl this year! Wishing you much success, and looking forward to seeing the great finds you bring in next! ~ Angela

  3. Oh man, cupcakes...just across the street! I feel the pounds just sliding on my hips just thinking about 'em!

  4. Maureen...How glad I am that I have found your shop! And now with cupcakes so close, I will be fat and broke. It was great to meet you and I will visit often. Thanks for visiting my blog and I will list you as a great place to visit also. See you soon.

  5. How cool to have such fun neighbouors!! rather bad for me though as Im afraid I think I would be running next door tasting all the cupcakes!!! LOL Im such a sweet tooth!!!Would love to see some pictures of their shop when they have set up!!

  6. I love your blog!
    Your shop is yummy!

    Sherri Of The Treasure Hunters


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