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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Here For Ya!!! Saturday 11:30 - 4ish

Shells~sHeLsS~and more SHELLS! I especially love finding the shell projects of Tramp Art!
Check out this wall rosary that I just added to the shop! Saturday is not my usual Saturday sale but have a couple of appointments to meet and greet so I am planning a window of time to be at Cottage Panache. I will be there from about 11:30am and until around 3:00-4:00! So if you haven't been in lately try and come by. It would be great to see you. I am hoping to be able to run up to Red Shed prior to opening!
The heat, I think is getting to me...and the days are going too fast and yet they are too long!
And when it's like this I can't even think! I started this post on Thursday evening and nearly fell asleep searching for the right pictures. Earlier today I got up and started digging and searching through my treasures (some newly added~sshhh!~don't tell) Everyone that knows me, knows that I'm a JUNK~ junkie! Somebody stop me!
~Close up of needlepoints~ Beautiful old needlepoint and oil on canvas Old books and antique photo albums... Vintage and shabby Sunday best shoes! I just love an old oil on canvas and old needlepoints! A few of this weeks additions! aNothER pIC OF the BiCyCLe!
I find myself again wishing there were two of me! One that could be here manning the shop 24/7 so that I don't miss one customer. And the other one to run to the bank, paint the inventory, price the inventory, shop for the inventory and so on and so on! Oopsy-Daisy I need one more of me for Motherly and Wifey duties! I really wish I could take a poll of what days are best to be here (since there is only one of me!) I started out in February, 2008 with Tuesday - Saturday and added Sunday during the holiday season! Then January of this year I decided to try something different and be here Monday - Thursday and one Saturday per month! And of course I have posted the hours on the doors, my website and tell everyone also! Oh, did I mention that I also take appointments for Fridays and Saturdays. That being said I will be in the shop this Saturday, June 27th from around 11:30 to 4:00 to greet a couple of appointments. So I have provided that window of time that I will be available! If you are in the area please don't hesitate to stop by. And if this time doesn't work for you...give me a ring
817-595-4040 and be sure to leave a message if I don't answer! I would also like to remind everyone of my vintage bicycle raffle! Someone will be the lucky new owner of ~OlD bLuE~ at the end of the Raffle!! Raffle tickets may be purchase for $5.00 a piece. The more tickets purchased...the better the chances! Thank you for visiting my blog, and let me say that I cherish each and every wonderful comment given! Maureen


  1. Hi there lady!!!! Working at Lone Star tomorrow again... Love the pics of your new goodies....Hope you and your family is well-I need to get out there.....Love Tiina....

  2. Hi Maureen....everything looks wonderful. I'm going to try and get by on Monday. Want to hear the idea you talked about with Brenda...stay cool ...xo jana

  3. You have a very beautiful shop. The detailing is just wonderful.
    It is easy to see that you love what you do...even though it requires long hours. i know, I've been there.

  4. The shop looks wonderful!
    Boy, when you figure out how to be three places at once, please let me in on your secret!

  5. Hi Maureen, Thanks for visiting my blog. Just wanted to let you know I am selling the crowns, just let me know if you'd like one.Your store looks great!! Thanks Kathy

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comments! So glad to have found yours. Beautiful things. You Texas gals have to best stuff! I'll be back to read more - M.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blot and your sweet comments! Glad to discover yours. Your shop is beautiful. You Texas gals have the best stuff! I'll be back to read more. M.

  8. Oh you shop and chippy things are just beautiful, so glad I found your blog, Blessings, Janna

  9. enjoyed our visit today. Your shop is wonderful....could have spent a fortune, but it's that "mortgage' thing we talked about LOL. I so hope you can come see me soon. I plan to blog about you some tomorrow....hope you don't mind..had to post the baby shower today....added the weedjit.....OMG...I love it....thank you for that :) Again, your store is FABULOUS.....hope you can be part of mine...maybe....maybe...maybe? xo jana

  10. Never enough time, energy or money I always say! Even in "Junk" retail we have to wear so many hats and one never knows what days, what stuff is going to be exactly what customers want. I once had a friend in the business that said, "You can't be like the "big guys" and accommodate everyone all of the time, just set your hours for what you can handle and the customers will work around it if you have great stuff. Even with many changes in our schedule it has kept working for us for 16 years!
    Stay cool!

  11. Thank you Laurie, what wonderful insight you have in that friends advice. And you know what I am glad that we are not like the "big guys".
    It keeps us humble and optimistic at the same time keeping us in check.
    Enjoy that shade that we have today...Mauren

  12. What a lovely blog. I need to go find out where you live. I came to visit you after seeing your comment on Vintage Trifles post. Laurie


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