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Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's a God Thing!

I know it's been a long time since I posted on here. I have been very busy closing my store location! 
And sometimes you just don't have anything to say. So I will start here and now! 
I'm thinking and believe that everything that happens for a reason. That being said, today I am without my wheels because yesterday while on my way to pick up my son Ian, from the middle school...all of the sudden I heard ding, ding, ding, ding, shortly after I turned on the air conditioner! I looked at the indicators on the dash and it read WARNING! ENGINE COOLANT HOT!!!  and the temperature was nearly at the highest mark on that gauge and the little diagram light that looks like the outline of the engine was lit! I must confess that it has been coming on every once in a while for a few weeks! Gah! I'm so bad! But I was trying to get moved...right!?
 So after scooping up Ian from school I drove straight to my mechanic (Steve's Auto Repair) I knew he closed early sometimes on Fridays so I was taking a chance that he would be there! Yeah, he was!  He raised the hood and the coolant reservoir was completely dry and after he poured four gallons of water in it started coming out underneath the engine.... he said oh, that's not good! His guy put it up on the lift and after saying a quick prayer while we waited, his employee came in and said that it was just the water pump and not a cracked block! Better hundreds of dollars spent to fix rather than thousands! They closed at 5:00 and it was 4:30! We would have been stranded waiting for a ride, but it turns out my husband was nearby at a salvage yard looking for a Nissan Altima engine for my son's car which had thrown a rod a month or so ago!  His office is in Downtown Dallas which would have been at least an hour drive! 
In my book... it's a God thing. Funny, whenever I use my smart phone it auto corrects the word good with God! (I was trying to post this with my smart phone) This is one time my phone was correct. I was actually trying to quote Martha, (you know.....It's a good thing!) I like to think it's because he is reminding us that he is always there, looking out and helping us out, even when we don't realize it!  When my son's Nissan threw that engine rod ... rendering it now dead as a doornail, It forced him to take the plunge and buy his first new car...and in his name! Again...It's a good/God thing!
P.S. Since I closed my new favorite thing to do...Being I don't even miss it today! Have a great weekend everyone!

                                        Hydrangeas that I will soon be planting in my back yard!



  1. It's your endearing spirit and strong faith that make me like you so much Maureen. Miss seeing you.Love ya, Pati

  2. Pati, how are you doing? I miss seeing you to and what wonderful words you have bestowed upon me! You are such a sweetie and i hope life is treating you good. Love ya girl!

  3. Hey Maureen, I have neglected my Blog forever except for the few moments when Nina gets on and blogs on my behalf. Not sorry you closed the shop if this is what you needed. It was a beautiful store!!! You did a wonderful job even with all the other disasters surrounding you-you endured.I have 4 days off fron work now and have to be at the hospital everyone one of those days for meetings. Needless to say I am greatful for my job, but it sure is demanding. Long for the lost days of you and I shopping and working at Golightlys and having fun with our days together. Maybe that will be in store for us in the future. Until then I am happy for you. I miss you. I want to meet with you to get together and laugh again and discuss good treasures that we have found on our hunts. Still at Lone Star and still have an addiction to shopping!!!! Love ya...Tiina

    1. Hey Tiina, looks like Nina is doing a good job keeping up your blog...better than me but trying to change it. I have noticed that many of the blogs on blog roll haven't posted much..some say one year ago, three years ago. I think that many haven't the easy way with facebook instead...while having my shop I have to admit it was easier, but I love how we can link our blogs to facebook. Double wammi! It would be great to find some time to goof off a little. No wonder I've gained inches in the belly area. Miss the big belly laughs when you would get me laughing so hard!!! I think the last time I went to Canton was when you, Alex and I went there together.Glad you still have a love for the hunt and keeping your spot at Lone Star.
      Love ya,


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