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Monday, April 27, 2009

"Just Another Manic Monday"

This is a large painting on velvet from around the turn of the century. A once in a lifetime kind of find. I imagine that the owner of the sweet cottage was the painter. The photograph really doesn't do it justice. I purchased this at an Estate sale in the metroplex.
Trying to fill in the empty spots in time for my next Saturday Sale on May 9th. I can't decide if it's the wall decor or the furniture that it is getting harder and harder to come by at a fair price. It is difficult to be able to offer great items at a reasonable price if we have to pay a price that is too high. Here are a couple of recent finds. I can't decide whether I want to paint this frame or not! It seems that more often customers are requesting their items be unpainted. I love the character of this frame. The antiquey gold molding on the stained wood and with a couple of natural chips to boot! Many antiquers feel that a painted piece is a ruined piece. But when I am shopping I am drawn to the romantic hues of creams, taupes, pale blues, and the vintage pale pinks. Most of my shoppers are looking for that item that is pleasing to the eye rather than just a function. What we sell are items that talk to ones heart and memory. So I don't mind when someone comes into my shop just to browse and I hear them say...I remember when my Grandma had one of these in her house. If they find a good memory they are sure to come back again and again.


  1. You are soooo right!!! I love that frame, but I, just as you, would have the tendancy to break open the paint nd start going at it....Sat. sale-great!! I work this Saturday at Lone Star but not that Saturday....Hopefully I will see you....Love Tiina....

  2. I love that velvet painting...what a find!
    I would be torn and ultimately linger for years making the decision to paint or not paint that frame.

    I think maybe that one is the one left unpainted. Love the piece in the middle.



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