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Monday, June 15, 2009

Change in Mood...Blogging Blue

Trying to keep things cooled down a bit. The more shade the better is what I say!
Just a couple of random pics of what you might find on the patio at Cottage Panache.
Well another Monday has come and nearly gone and I thought that before I went home and listened to the kids fight over MY laptop, that I would do a quick post! Once I walk in the door I won't see it again until their heads are fast asleep upon their pillows. The only problem is...they will probably outlast me. After all they are the ones that get to sleep in!!! I once knew someone that gave their children Benadryl just to get them to go to sleep!!! That was many years ago. Mine have allergies and I fear that it would boarder on abuse and it would no longer be effective for their allergies. I didn't even want to give my daughter the medication that the Doctor prescribed for ADHD! My advice is to ride it out and give them more attention and you'll get through it! And let them stay up a little later...after all it is their Summer Vacation! Anyhoo, tomorrow I will hopefully have more time for pictures of great finds and information about a new addition to the front fascade and how I will say goodbye to an existing one. Can you spell......B_I_K_E!!!??? Or maybe...T_R_I_K_E!
P>S> Tell me what you think about my new look! Blue is not just for Mondays anymore!


  1. Hi Maureen....the blue looks beautiful (and I am not a partiularly :blue: person.....just don't have much of it in my life...but this is nice. Heard you met Brenda? Hope we can meet or talk space.....cross promoting....and helping each other???? xo jana//

  2. It's just beautiful. I love it! Blessings... Polly


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