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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too hot out to do anything!

Eegads! It's just too hot outside to do anything...good thing there is blogger, my notebook, air conditioning and customers to keep me company! I learn something new everyday from my customers. Sometimes I feel like I am running a Museum full of old relics. And if I don't know what something is I know I can count on a few of my seasoned customers to help me out with a... what is it! I found out today that what I thought was perhaps a salemans sample turns out to be a child's miniature piece. It's one of my treasures that I have at the shop behind the counter that holds my this and that's like paper clips, push pins and price tags, and it is one thing in the shop that I probably would never sell. Although if the Keeno Brothers were to ever drop by HaHa, and told me that it was worth the balance on my house or the balance on our Disney time share I might be singing another song. But seriously I love it and will never tire of it! It's so small and cute that it could never be in the way no matter where I use it. I once used it as a side table next to a chair at home.


  1. I remember having one of those years ago. I kept my boyfriends numbers in it. They each had their own set of stars. 1 being rather boring to 5 being HOT!!! Needless to say my cabinet was stolen by a band of gypsies from Canton and I never saw it again...Wait a minute! Did you find a little black book in that when you bought it? If so, I will take the little hutch and you can keep my numbers-these guys weren't worth the effort anyhow...LOL...LOve Tiina..

  2. What an amazing piece to own! I wouldn't part with it either, excepting the mortgage!

    SO glad I am not the only one saying its HOT!! And the humidity makes is all the more Mosquitoesque, don't you think?


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