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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Altered Additions on Hump Day!

Shag-a-delic Baby! This chair is so comfortable. You must come by and try it out if any of you are in the area. I'm just a hop - skip- and a jump from Golightly's Gallery and Lonestar Antiques. Notice the pile of tea dyed muslin in the background. I bought and dyed the cotton at different times and varied the time in the tea bath. You can bounce a quarter off the seat! I double tied every strip that is tied on!


  1. I love it!!!! Thank goodness it finally showed up. Great Job and if a quarter can bounce off of it then I bet it would act like a mega spring for my butt!!!! I need a chair like that for when I want to sit down but have other things I need to do-that will bounce me right back up....Love Tiina...

  2. Oh! that chair is beautiful. I love shabby things and the tea dye is cleaver. Great job. Sandi

  3. WONDERFUL!! This is so creative and functional. I love it! You really out did yourself. michele jones


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