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Monday, May 23, 2011

OH MYGoodness! Random!!! Etsy pic

Back up close
full back
Oh my goodness - I haven't been able to do hardly anything online. If it weren't for my iphone, I would have gone really crazy. Anyhoo - right before all this started happening I had decided to sell on Etsy after much coaching, poking and proding to some of my friends to do so themselves, I finally bit the bullet! Soooo, after listing a few items (four at one time!!!) Woohoo! Then right after that, the internet on my dell 6400 Inspiron laptop started acting up. If it weren't for my phone with internet I would have lost it! The only thing is that I can't seem to get my contacts to come up on it so I can respond to emails. It is slow to load emails also. When an email finally comes up to read it - it 's a day later. I haven't been able to blog, list more things on Etsy, or even update my website! Going Bonkers with it all!!! Called Dell and after hours on technical support they sent me a new wireless card but it was a GIGAbit - HUGE!!! Didn't fit - sent it back - bought 3 more parts didn't fit! So I finally gave up and bought a new laptop at Sam's!!! It doesn't have the full version of Microsoft Word on it and so I am struggling to edit the pixels on my pics for Etsy. They are just too large for Etsy's format so I am going to put a random picture for a convo on Etsy. So only this person will understand but here they are.
And I can't seem to get the pictures at the end where I am trying to put them! Oh well, hope this helps and that it's not too late!
It is now a day later because when I pushed the publish post button, nothing happens. So now a day later after enabling the javascript, let's see if it works. I am crossing my fingers!!! Okay this feels so pointless for I am clearly just typing to air, cause it didn't work. When I push the publish post javascript:void (0) shows up down in the left corner of the screen!
Oh hurrah - hurrah! I figured out what was wrong in the forum! I was using the old editor in blogger!
Now I will convo with the Etsy customer in Sydney who is was and hopefully hasn't totally lost interest in this vintage chalkware statue!


  1. Aaaah, technological craziness! Sounds like you are back up to par. Do you still have the heart pins that have the name "Nannie"? Your blogs looks great, btw! ~ Angela

  2. Thanks Angela, and I do still have one of them for sure! I just did an Adobe update and now I am having random pixelized details popping up! Like I just noticed that my slide show is all over the place on here! I need to go to pc school!!! OUI!

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