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Click here to visit the online shoppe!
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Workshops - back to school & Mommy Me Time!

I can't believe it's been weeks since I have posted. I have been busy running the shoppe and preparing the studio for the coming up workshops. Checking in Christmas inventory ~ yes, that's right, Christmas! I will hold off as long as I can to put out the trees, but I do love it! So many wonderful, beautiful pieces. I will give some sneak peaks here and there just to entice you ~ I confess!
Next week I will start posting some pics of the studio. I love the way it has come together.
Stop by soon and view the samples of the soon to begin projects for the  
Cottage Panache Tutelage & Workshops!
Spend a little Me Time with us!
Here's a pic of the first projects

I can't believe that the Summer is nearing an end ~ soon the kiddos will return to school! Yes, you will miss them and you may tear up on that first day ~ don't forget those cameras for the kinders,  but then as you say your goodbye for the day and start to walk away, you realize... Mama finally gets some Me~Time!  So while the kiddies are away Mama will get to play... stop at that Antique shop or Boutique that you would dream of visiting but had always put off because the wee ones were in tow...on the way to the pool, the park or Micky D's! Now you can have lunch with the grown-ups and  your HD~
no need to feel guilty that the wee ones are not there ~
you deserve your free time, your me time, for all you do!
Get together with your friends and sign up for your favorite workshop soon! Many more
workshops to come! Stay tuned and follow to keep informed!
Now that I have finally figured out how to place the shopping cart button I will begin posting some items for purchase online.
Thanks so much for stopping by,


  1. So excited to see this coming all together! You've done such a beautiful job with the shop, can't wait to see the studio! Ahhh, classes at the Cottage. ~ Angela

  2. Maureen,
    Girl, I don't know how you do it. Your like the Energizer Bunny. Run a shop, go to market & buy Christmas in July, remodel a classroom, run a blog & that isn't even considering you have a family to love on. My God, I'm exhausted just thinking of it all. The classroom looks great & I can't wait for the first workshop, fun!!!!!!! Also, can't wait to see your Christmas bling. Talk soon. Lisa


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