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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stirring Up A Little Dust & Hanging In There!

Plans for the Cottage Panache Second Anniversary Sale & Antique Flea Market are underway!   The desire to have the second phase finished includes the refinishing of the hardwood floors in the last two rooms! In order to do this I found it necesary to close for 3 - 4 days as I am afraid that we will be stirring up a little dust ~ cough ~ cough! I began yesterday and I will continue through the weekend working diligently to finish at least the floors in these last two rooms!  My actual Anniversary was in February but wanted to wait until I had these last two rooms finished first. I will be open next week for Mother's Day shopping and all gifts for Mom will be discounted 20% all next week so be sure to stop by and check out what we have for Mom! I have many items that I am bringing in are from my collection in my barn, home and storage. Unpacking things that have been sitting in containers is like going shopping all over again.
This is a WWII satin pillow cover. I just love this poem for Mother!
I am trying to find all of the treasures that honor Mother! I know that I have more items for Mom, similar to this MOP broche. This one is listed on my etsy shop. ( )


  1. Maureen, exciting news. Looking forward to seeing what you've done with the place! ~ Angela

  2. Maureen,
    How did I miss that pin when I was in today?? I love what you are doing to the store, can't wait for workshops!! Yipee! Thanks for letting me barge in today. Lisa

  3. Congratulations. Maybe I can find my way over there...I tend to get lost very easily! Love the sweetheart pin...I have several.


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