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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Cottage Panache with "Some Kind of Wonderful!"

February marked the Second Year for Cottage quickly time flies when you are having fun! It has been alot of fun, eye opening and have met so many more wonderful people. You know that song "Make New Friends and Keep The Old" ! What insight to life that phrase has, we should all live by that. Whoever came up with that must have had life experiences that we all go through at some time in our life.
When running a store and everything, you feel is upon you with decisions and new ideas, it is always enlightening to have people around you that want you to soar and be your best that you can be. I take every suggestion to heart and will never take offense.
I have two more rooms to finish and I know that everyone is probably saying ~ well get on with it already! What has to be done to finish these two rooms is so overwhelming that when I walk into these two rooms I just want to walk right back out.
If you've been to my shop and have seen the beautiful hardwood floor in the room staged as the bedroom. You have probably heard me describe how I had to dissolve hard, old adhesive, then scrape it up with a putty knife, wipe on paper towel and then scrub it smooth with steel wool. Getting down and dirty to do two more rooms has me in a tither!
Forget the fact that I have to redo the walls in one room - that, I can do standing and not on my knees! Therefore I must decide if this is the time to try the feat ~ and I shall! I will try to muster up the inner guru in me...get the kids to school and go directly to Cottage Panache with paint and scrub duds on to work a wonder on two more rooms! Too bad I am not 40something instead of 50something!
One of the rooms will be for lease and I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there that would do the job for a free months rent on that room!!?? It would need to be a Seasoned Lover of the Vintage and Antiques and probably younger than me and have enough free time to handle this task! I have had some people that say I should just rent one of the floor sanders and restain and revarnish! It would not have that vintage patina that I love and is befitting to the cottage so I just don't know. The other room will be a studio/meeting/classroom. I am thinking that I could do a mixed media on that floor since there is an area where the floor is painted white! Any ideas??
A New Friend at Cottage Panache! Linda Kinnaird's Jewelry is one of the lastest additions to Cottage Panache. Check out these three creative pieces, which are just a few to speak of! Everyone of these pieces are under $50!
                                Angela of Filigree  Moon ~  I will call an Old Friend here at Cottage Panache, because she joined us here after my move last Fall and is still creating her fabulous paper artistry and soldered charms and other wonderful creations using vintage jewelry. She has a keen eye when searching for that charming vintage treasure like this silver butter dish and butter knife that you will find in her spot!                                 

Filigree Moon Circus Tag

Gracie of "Lindsey's Cottage" another old friend to Cottage Panache has recently re-done her room and added some wonderful vintage pieces as well as new Spring and Easter Decor!  Don't you just love the neutral tone of that vintage Sanger Harris Hat Box! And how about this mint condition hat? Have you picked up that Easter  Bonnet yet? We have several to choose from!

As always thanks for visiting my blog and hope that might, on some sweet day make it into Cottage Panache because there is always more to come as we add daily, more treasures ~ some new ~ some old ~ some chippy and rusted ~ but I am sure that all will be............Some Kind of Wonderful!
A Wonderful Week to All!

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  1. Amazing!!! I am loving your new look to your blog. Beautiful job Maureen!!!! Love Tiina...


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